Hi Guys in this tutorial we will make a multipurpose tool whixh will save a lot of time and energy during our project development.

So Lets Start,





4.Automatic Screw Driver

5.Speed Control

6. Clock wise & Anti-Clock wise Rotation

7,Opperates in 0-12V

Parts Required:

1. DC Motor

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2. Mini Driller Shaft

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3. Mini Driller Set

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4. 12 DC bulk converter

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5.10K Potentiometer

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6. Potentiometer Knob

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7. DC Female Socket

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8. Wire


10.DPDT Switch

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11. Mini Blade for Cutter

12. Drilling bit

14. Polisher Set

15. Round Cutter Blade

16. Screw Driver Set



How to make

1. Connect two wires to the DC Motor

2. Now connect these two wires to the 5th,6th pin of the DPDT Switch.

3. Now connect 5th,2nd and 6th,1st pin of the DPDT switch

4. Now connect 3rd,4th pin of the DPDT switch to the out put pins of the 12v DC Step down bulk converter.

5. Now Connect the input pins to the DC female socket, please remember connect the +ve pin of the Converter to DC female socket +ve pin ans do the same for the GND/-ve pin.

6. Now Remove the existing potentiometer of the DC Bulk Converter with a 10k Potentiometer.


For Complete making tutorial watch the video below: