Hi, Guys in this tutorial we will learn how to make a simple inverter under Rs, 50, So Let's See what are the parts required.

Parts Required:

1. 12-0-12 2A transformer [You can get it in old Taperecorders]

2. TTC5200 Transister

3. 1K resistor.

4. 1 switch

5. 1 Zero PCB

6. Wire

7. 9v Battery & Battery Cap

8. Up to 50watt AC Bulb & bulb holder

How to build??

1. First connect the AC input side of the transformer to the buld holder / or you can use it as 220V AC.

2. Now connect one 1K resistor to the pin one of the TTC5200.

3. Now connect th 3rd pin out of the transformer to the pin 2 of the TTC5200 transister.

4. Now connect the 1st pinout of transformer to the open end of the 1K resistor.

5. Now connect the 2nd pinout of the transfermer to the +ve pin of the 9v battery

6. Now connect the 3rd pin of the TTC5200 to the GND pin of the 9v battery via a DC Switch as connected in the diagram below.


For making watch this video: