Hi, Guys in this tutorial we will make an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. So let's start.

Parts Required:

1. 5v Relay module.

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2. IR Sensor Module.

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3. 5v DC water pump.

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4. DC female Jack. 

5. 5v power supply.

6. Jumper Wires.

7. Led

8.220ohm resistor.



How to make??

1. If you need to design a body box then just watch the video at the bottom.

2. So first connect the +ve, -ve pin of the IR Sensor Module to the 5v power supply +ve,-ve pin.

3. Now connect the Signal Out of the IR Sensor to Signal In of the 5v relay module.

4. Now connect the +ve, -ve pin of the relay module to 5v power supply +ve,-ve pin.

5. Now connect the Common pin of the Relay module to -ve pin of the 5v power supply.

6. Then connect +ve pins of the 5v water pump and Led to the +ve pin of the 5v power supply.

7. Now connect the -ve pin of the water pump and Led to Normally Closed pin of the 5v Relay Module.

8. Now put the water pump in the Sanitizer pot. 

9. When you will put a hand on the IR Sensor your sanitizer will come from the Water Pump.

How it works??

When you bring your hand near to the IR sensor, IR sensor sends a signal to the 5v relay module, which turns on the water pump, then sanitizer comes out from the water pump output outlet.

For making watch this video: