Hi, Guys in this tutorial we will learn how to make an automatic street light, which will turn on when darkness is there and automatically turn off when sunlight is there.

Parts Required

1. 5v relay module

2. LDR module

3. White Led * 2

4, 9V battery ^ battery Cap

5. Jumper Wire

6. 220-ohm resistor

How to make ??

1. If you want a house like structure then you can make it with the help of the video at the bottom.

2. Now, let's start with the connection part, First, connect +ve pin of LDR module to +ve pin of Relay module, Similarly connect each module +ve pin. Connect Signal Pin of Relay module to signal pin of LDR Module, as connected in the diagram below.

2. Now connect the 9v batter's +ve pin to +ve pin of each module, similarly do it for the -ve pin.

3. Now parallelly connect the two LEDs. then the common GND pin of the led should be connected with the NC[normally closed] pin of the 5v relay module.

4. Now connect one 220 ohm resistor in the common +ve pin of the LEDs. then connect the next terminal of the resistor to the +ve pin of the 9v battery.

Now all circuit connection is done. 

How it Works??

When light drops in the LDR then the signal pin of the LDR module send signal [+ve 5v] to the relay module's signal pin, in return relay module switch on the LED light, if there is no light, then LDR module sends no signal [0v] to the Relay Module which in return switch off the LED.

Note: Always Keep your LDR upward so that Light can fall on it and then only it will work perfectly.

For making watch this video: