76 Year old Telangana was the first fatality in India. The second case being a 69 Year old Woman is only the second COVID-19 linked fatality in India. While the total recognized cases in India reach at 82 as on Friday Night.

While mortality rate across the globe is indexed at 2.4-3.2%, In India it is still at the lower-end and major fatality cases being with people having very low immunity strength. While government is trying its best to educate people about the possible ways to tackle the spread being it the use of sanitiser, avoiding public places, and taking basic steps towards hygiene. These being the primary step govt is also planing to a lock down in multiple areas such as Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and complete Kerala, where all schools, gyms and cinema halls have been issued an advisory to shutdown upto 30th March until further notification. Many being quarantined for 14 days as being suspected for this WHO declared pandemic. 

COVID-19 or generally called the Corona virus after slowing down China now is impacting the global economy as all the stock markets have shown signs of week growth and slowdown for upcoming sessions. A anticipated possibility of slowing down this spread in India is also linked with super hot summers which are fast approaching may serve as a ray of relief.