In this tutorial, We will make an Arduino Drum using Piezo Sensor and Arduino Uno.

Apparatus Required:-

1.Arduino Uno

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Piezo Sensor

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1M Resistor

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5.1V Ziner Diode

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6. Tools & Wire


  1. Connect the Vcc, GND For each Piezo Sensor
  2. Now Connect One 1M resistor and one 5.1V Ziner Diode in Parallel as connected in the Diagram Below.
  3. Now Connect all the GNDTo make a common ground.
  4. Now Connect the Vcc of the Piezo sensor to Vcc of the Parallel connection and GND to GND of the Parallel Connection.
  5. Now Repeat the same procedure for rest of the Sensor.
  6. Now Connect the Vcc of Piezo sensor1 to A0 of the Arduino, similarly next Vcc to A1, A2, A3 of the Arduino Uno.
  7. Now Download the Zip File:>>>>>>>>Arduino File
  8. Add the Arduino MIDI Library to the Arduino IDE, And upload the Arduino Code to the Arduino.
  9. Now Open the Hairless-MIDIserialbridge and set the input for your Arduino Port Displaying in the Suggestion Box.
  10. Now install the MIDIloop and open it, Create a PORT and Copy that port name to the Hairless-midiseriesbridge Output.
  11. Now Google for FL studio and download, install it.and open FL-studio.
  12. Now Enjoy your Arduino Drum.

For Making of Drum Arduino watch this video:-

Thanks For watching   :)