Life Hack......Substitute for AA battery of your RC car with a Bigger 9 volt Rechargeable Battery  For Longer Enjoyment.


It has more benefit over 6 pencil batteries as Shown Below-

1. 6 pencil Battery costs in Range of  Rs.60-150 with working hours 30 min to 60 min.

2. Single 9 volt Rechargeable Battery of Rs.300-500. with working hour 90 min to 120 min with Single Charge.


1. Open Up the Designed Part of your RC-car.

2. Now Search for the Positive and Negative Accumulation Of the Pencil Battery Compartment as Shown in Video.(Actually There will be 2 wires Going to the RF Transfer Receiver Module Black is -ve and Red is +ve)

3.  Now Connect the +ve Of Rechargeable Battery To +ve Accumulation  and -ve to -ve Accumulation.

4. Place it Or Stick it with Hot Glue And Boom You Have Increased Your Durability/Fun-Time.

Video Tutorial-: