This is a robotic arm this tutorial, we will make robotic that has its own memory. so that it will remember those position which we will record on it.So let's start making.
Parts Required:-

1. Arduino Uno

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2. 4 * servo

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3. 10k Potentiometer

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Potentiometer Knob


4. Slider switch

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5. Wire.

6. Acrylic Sheet/Something to make the structure.

7. Glue Gun.

8. 2 * 5V charger / 5V 5A smps [Highly Recomonded for this project]

9. Tools

10. Screw Driver

11. Bread Board


  1. First of all, set all the servo in order to make the Robotic Arm.To make that you can watch the video in the last part of this tutorial.
  2. Now fix all the 4 potentiometers in the base of the robotic arm.
  3. Now connect all the VCC pin of the potentiometer, to make a common Vcc for all the servo.
  4. Similarly, connect all the GND of the potentiometer to make a common GND for it.
  5. Now connect 4 wires to the signal pin of the potentiometer.
  6. Now let's have a look on the pin configuration of the servo.
  7. Now connect all the Vcc pin of the servos to make a common Vcc for the servos, similarly do that for the GND of the servos.
  8. Now connect 4 wires to the 4 signal pins of the servos.
  9. Now connect two slider switch as connected in the diagram below.
  10. Now connect the VCC, GND of both Potentiometer strip and slider switch panel to make common Vcc, GND for both of them.
  11. Now make an additional wire from the GND of the servos, and connect that to the GND of the Arduino Uno.
  12. Connect Servos to one 5v charger and the Arduino to another 5v charger to avoid the Servo Jitter Problem.
  13. Now connect the Servo Signal Pins as follows:
  14. Servo1 Signal pin --> Pin 8 of Arduino
  15. Servo2 Signal pin --> Pin 9 of Arduino
  16. Servo3 Signal pin -->Pin 10 of Arduino
  17. Servo4 Signal pin -->Pin 11 of Arduino
  18. Now connect the Signal pin coming from the Potentiometer Strip to the Arduino as follows:-
  19. Potentiometer1 , p1-->A0 of Arduino.
  20. Potentiometer2, p2-->A1 of Arduino.
  21. Potentiometer3 , p3-->A2 of arduino.
  22. Potentiometer1 , p4-->A3 of arduino.
  23. Now connect the pins coming out from both the slider switch to A4, A5 of the Arduino Uno.
  24. For more details See the Diagram below:-
  25. Now upload the Arduino Code to your Arduino:-Download
For Making Watch This Video:-