The Post heading explains the most about the Project but lets see how it is being made.


1. LM339 IC

2. 6 10k,5 2.2k &4 1k resistors

3. 0.1 mmicro F capacitor

4. Diodes-:
a. 1N4735 6.2+-5% 
b. 1N4148 
5. 12 volt battery

6. 4 blue Led and 1 red led 


1. Connect the Big pins of Led with +ve terminal of 12 volt battery and take 1k resistor through positive terminal and connect diode cathode part to the other end and connect the other part of diode to -ve or Gnd of battery.

2. 2 10k resistor in parallel result in 5k so connect the 7 pin of ic through 5k resistor as per circuit diagram
3. Connect 5th pin through a 1 k resistor as per Circuit diagram shown below


4. Connect 9th and 11th pin too through a series of 1 k resistors

5. Providing gnd or -ve of 12 volt battery to pin 9th hence completing the circuit and connecting 0.1micro F capacitor across +ve and -ve of battery

6. Providing +ve or vcc to pin 6 pin 8 pin 10 and pin4 through 10k resistor and than Completing circuit by providing gnd to pin 8 through 5k resistor

7. Providing Gnd to pin 12 through 1n4148 diode anode

8. Providing Leds the Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 13 Pin 14 Pin 12 Respectively from left to right as Per circuit Diagram through 2.2k Resistors

9. Your circuit is complete Provide the +ve of Battery to Red line and -ve of battery to black line and Gnd Points Leds will Show the How much Volt it is Now

Final Circuit Diagram:

For Making Watch this Video..