Do you want to have a KeyPad Security Lock For your Door ???Then This is the Project For You.In this Project, we will Make a KeyPad Lock For Your Door using Arduino Uno/any other Arduino Programing Board.So lets Start.
        How it will Work???So its simple we have to store the password to open the door and a programming environment where we can analyze the input password and id the input password is same as the password we have stored previously, Arduino then the door should be opened.So to do that with Arduino, and to open the door lock we will use the servo motor.

Parts Required:

1.Arduino Uno

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2.Keypad Compactable with Arduino

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3. 9V battery and battery cap

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4. 1 green Led and 1 Red Led

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5. 2 * 480 Ohm Resister

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8.Servo Motor


  •   First of all, connect the Keypad with the Arduino Uno as connected in the Diagram below.
  • Now take one Green Light and one Red light connects 480 Ohm resistor to each of the LEDs GND.
  • Then Make a common GND of LED and connect that GND to the GND of the Arduino Uno, Now connect the Vcc of Red Light to the A11, Vcc of Green Light to pin No. A12 of the Arduino Uno.
  • Now take the 9v battery and Using the battery cap connect the Vcc of the 9v battery to the Vin of the Arduino Uno, And GND of the 9V battery to the GND of the Arduino Uno.
  • And Now Connect the Signal Pin(Yellow) of the Servo Motor To the Pin13 Of the Arduino Uno  And Vcc and GND of the Servo Motor to the Corresponding Vcc and GND of the Arduino Uno as connected in the Diagram below
  • Now Connect the Arduino to the PC open the Arduino IDE on Your PC.
  • DOWNLOAD this file Unzip the file get the Arduino code from there.
  • You will get two more zip file inside this zip file one is Keypad other One is Password, You have to add Those two Library File In your Arduino IDE.
  • Then if You want to change the password you can change the Password in the Arduino code and Upload the code.
  • Connect an Iron wire to the Lock of your Door and the Servo As connected in the Picture below
  • Place all the electronics in a box and Fix that box on the front side of the Door And Enjoy your Keypad Door Lock, Have Fun.
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Part 2:

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