crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist ropewire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. The device uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human. Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight, in the construction industry for the movement of materials, and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment.
    There are different Types of crane Exist on the basis of their requirement and structure.Some Are:-

Mobile Cranes

The most basic type of crane consists of a steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on a mobile platform, which could be a rail, wheeled, or even on a cat track. The boom is hinged at the bottom and can be either raised or lowered by cables or hydraulic cylinders.


Telescopic Crane
This type of crane offers a boom that consists of a number of tubes fitted one inside of the other. A hydraulic mechanism extends or retracts the tubes to increase or decrease the length of the boom.


Tower Crane
A tower crane is a modern form of a balance crane. When fixed to the ground, tower cranes will often give the best combination of height and lifting capacity and are also used when constructing tall buildings.


Truck Mounted Crane
Cranes mounted on a rubber tire truck will provide great mobility. Outriggers that extend vertically or horizontally are used to level and stabilize the crane during hoisting.


Rough Terrain Crane
A crane that is mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, designed for operations off road. The outriggers extend vertically and horizontally to level and stabilize the crane when hoisting. These types of cranes are single engine machines where the same engine is used for powering the undercarriage as it is for powering the crane. In these types of cranes, the engine is normally mounted in the undercarriage rather than
in the upper portion.


Loader Crane
A loader crane is a hydraulically powered articulated arm fitted to a trailer, used to load equipment onto a trailer. The numerous sections can be folded into a small space when the crane isn’t in use.


Overhead Crane
Also referred to as a suspended crane, this type is normally used in a factory, with some of them being able to lift very heavy loads. The host is set on a trolley which will move in one direction along one or two beams, which move at angles to that direction along elevated or ground level tracks, often mounted along the side of an assembly area.



Parts Required:-

  •  2 * 100 Rpm Dc Motor, 1* 45 Rpm Dc Motor
    • Wheels
    • 9V Battery, Battery Cap
    • 3 * DP DT Switch
    • Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Color For Coloring the Body
    • Wire, Tools, Etc.

    1. Take a foam board and cut into size of 195cm x 195cm and make sure that the wheel part must be 7cm long.
    2. Now cut that 7cm part as marked in the video for the wheel.
    3. Now make a shape for the nose of the crane where both the front wheels are going to be get placed for the movement.
    4. Again bring the two 100rpm motors and fix those in the 7cm part area where the area was made for the wheel and make sure to fix the motor with steel plate or sellotape to fix the motor properly to the base of the crane.
    5. Make holes in the base of the crane and fix the 100rpm motors with the aluminum sheet or any sellotape or glue can also be fine.
    6. And tighten the wheel with the screws and color the wheels if you want to.
    7. Now get the cut nose part of the crane in which we will now design the nose part as shown in the video tutorial.
    8. Now in the foam of nose part cut three slices of pieces from that foam and fix those three with the glue gun and make a hole as shown in the video tutorial to fix the nose with the body.
    9. After fixing the nose withe body of the crane now cut a piece out for the wheel to be fixed horizontally with the nose part of the crane to make it movable.
    10. Now get the 4 bottles cap in which we will make front two wheels for the RC crane. After collecting the bottle caps fix the caps facing toward each other and fix with the glue,
    11. After fixing those bottle caps now get a sponge or foam of cylindrical structure which we will prepare in the shape of tier for the front wheels of the RC crane.
    12. Now bring a cycle spoke and pierce it through the front section of the RC crane that is on the horizontal bar fixed with the nose of the crane and attach those handmade wheels to the nose of the RC crane.
    13. After fixing the front handmade wheels now its time to prepare the motor so bring the wires and connect it to the two end of the rear motors and solder it properly.
    14. Now cut some pieces of foam board and fix it in the edges of the body to cover it properly so that the base will look awesome. And also cover the upper body part to cover the screws to look more beautiful.
    15. After fixing the body part now its time for the nose part to be worked on so for the lifting purpose we are going to add a pillar to the nose part for the support.
    16. For making the pillar cut 4 pieces from foam board and cut it into the 4 equal pieces only as shown in the video tutorial and make it in the shape of a rectangular box for the lifting purpose.
    17. Pick out one 45rpm motor and fix it on the body of the crane near the division of nose and body where the lifting wire is going to be fixed to lift the items. And also fix a cotton thread to the 45 rpm motor which will pull things towards it.
    18. Now fix a pulley on the top of the pillar of the RC crane to roll the thread easily over it.
    19. Now bring the 4 pieces of straw and fix it over the body of the crane to look gorgeous and also
    20. Now to cover the upper body part of the crane cut 4 pieces of straw and make four holes to fix those straws.
    21. Now it's time for our crane to get ready so color it accordingly to cover the upper body part. and the third
    22. Now we have to configure the remote for that get 3 switches one will control left wheel another one for the right wheel and the third one for the lifting purpose and make a hole in the post box.
    23. Now after making the switch configuration as shown in the video tutorial fix those switches in the plastic box to give it a shape of the remote.
    24. Now your crane is ready for the testing to check it and comment below.
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